Luke Warlow

Software Engineer



A web-based e-commerce order fulfilment management application.

  • Orders Table
  • Biometric two-factor authentication
  • A Reformo Software Ltd product for managing your whole order fulfilment process from one interface. Integrating with eBay, Etsy, Royal Mail, and more.


    ASP.NET Core - C#



    Flow chart editor

    A prototype flow chart editor written in Vue.js.

  • Flowchart Editor
  • A prototype flow chart editor that offers zooming, drag and drop, and edit history.


    University Projects

    Medical LMS - MeDL

    A web-based learning management system (LMS) for testing clinical decision making amongst medical students.

  • Scenario Editor
  • Scenario Viewer
  • Account Security
  • Year 3 - Group Dissertation Project

    This project focussed on producing a proof of concept LMS for clients who work at the University Hospital Wales. The core aim was to make the creation of training scenarios accessible to those without technical knowledge. My main contribution was the drag and drop scenario editing interface. I also created the account system which included single sign-on and two-factor authentication.


    NestJS - TypeScript


    Drone course management system - Aviation Systems Group

    A web-based system for handling the booking and marking of drone courses.

  • Candidate signup form
  • Instructor course management
  • Admin dashboard
  • Year 2 - Commercial Applications Project

    The client for this project operated a drone certification course. Their existing data management solution relied heavily on Excel. The aim of this project was to produce a web-application to help improve these business processes. The system handled user registration, event management, and tracking of results. This allowed the client to focus on running the courses themselves.


    Spring Boot - Java


    Welsh pharmacy finder

    An Android app for finding the location and available services of nearby pharmacies.

  • Map view
  • List view
  • Pharmacy overview
  • Create prescription reminder
  • Settings page
  • Settings page in Welsh
  • Year 1 - Android Group Project

    The aim of this project was to create a proof-of-concept Android application for Cardiff University's School of Pharmacy. The application enabled users to more easily access information about all pharmacies in Wales, including location, contact details, opening hours and services.

    I personally made a Flask based server, to serve the pharmacy information, and used an Android networking library to retrieve the data on the client side. This better simulated a real world scenario, showing how the data could be updated by a pharmacist if the app were to be released. I also created a feature that allowed users to create reminders for prescriptions; this was stored locally in the app, using an SQLite database.

    Android - Java

    Flask - Python


    Event data collection system - Welsh Rugby Union (WRU)

    Year 1 - Web Development Project

    The WRU required a prototype web application, which they could use to collect, store and analyse event data such as total attendance and audience demographics. I made use of a service worker to add offline functionality; this allowed data to be collected at events but submitted at a later time should internet access not be immediately available.

    Flask - Python